Biomechanics with PIV and CFD


Biomechanics with PIV and CFD

Fluid dynamics which is one of fundamental theories of mechanical engineering can be extensively utilized in engineering processes for biological applications. Based on our strengths of mechanical technology, we are studying on bionic application such as medical diagnostics and nature-inspired design.

Medical diagnostics of cerebrovascular stroke

It is known that mechanism of stroke occurrence in cerebrovascular is affected by shear stress distribution on the wall. In order to find out more accurate stroke incidence mechanisms, we visualize blood flow characteristics using PIV measurement system to verify the relation of the wall shear stress distribution and stroke incident mechanism in the cerebral vessels. As sharing the information with medical team, the final goal is to propose a treatment that considers the patient’s blood flow characteristics.

Flow path design of artificial olfactory nose

Canine olfaction is more sensitive than human beings about 10,000 to 100,000 times and can detect Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) to part per trillion level. By using this extraordinary sensing capability, it is used to be utilized for detection of exploding material. In medical perspective, specific VOCs which are related to specific diseases are mixed in exhaled gas of human beings and they are called as biomarker gas. A challenge of diagnosing diseases by detecting the biomarker gases using the canine olfaction was done by some previous researchers. In recent times, we are performing design of flow path for application to artificial olfactory nose.