About Us

 From 1987, Two Phase Flow Laboratory (TPFL) at POSTECH has investigated two-phase flow and phase change heat transfer phenomena under the supervision of Prof. Moo Hwan Kim. In 2019, Prof. HangJin Jo, who is newly joined POSTECH, took over the great legacy of TPFL and established THE System (Thermal-Hydraulics and Energy system) lab for further exploration.

 THE System lab is a team to find out scientific/engineering pieces of evidence in thermal-hydraulics (heat and fluid transfer including multi-phase flow and phase change phenomena) for advanced energy systems. Our research scopes are including from fundamental to industrial application and crossing the boundaries of multiple research areas.

 Based on the multi-disciplines of our research scopes, our team is officially affiliated in both the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Division of Advanced Nuclear Engineering at POSTECH.